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ACTivate Coating Technology 
The Future of Our Outdoors.

Self Cleaning Surfaces..........Fully Protected Surfaces..........Mold and Mildew Free Surfaces..........Environment Cleaning Surfaces..........Both, Cost Saving and Environmentally Friendly..........Making Our Surrounding More Beautiful and Cleaner..........Cleaner Surfaces And A Cleaner Environment..........
ACTivate Hydrophilic Coating

Nano-Composite Technology Description

Nano-Composite Technology

Activate is a New Technology, Nano-Composite material with Advanced Surface Enhancement Capabilities.   It is a Photo-Catalyst activated chemical reducer to break down unwanted hydrocarbons into safe gases.    It has many uses in a wide range of applications that benefit everyone.

This technology enables the ability to maintain cleaner, microbe free surfaces in both interior and exterior materials.   It also cleans the environment of harmful volatiles and smog at the same time. 

What ACTivate can do.... Coating Features

Nano-Composite Technology

Self Cleaning






Prevent, Mold, Mildew and other growths

Purifies Air and Water

Blocks UV Light  

Environmentally, Very Friendly   ...see more

                ......all incorporated into one coating.


ACTivate Surface Enhancement Functions

A formidable list of capabiities...

•   Lifetime, Pernament Chemically Active Surface.

•   Photo-Catalytic; Activated with visible light.

•   Hydrophilic; Self-Cleaning Surface prevents adhesion of all types of contamination.

•   Self Cleaning surfaces wash easily with rain or water.

•   Breaks Down most indoor and outdoor toxics and contaminants into H2, O2, N2 and other safe gases.

•   Continuously Kills Mold, Mildew and most other organisms.

•   Safe use material is applied with low cost spray on methods.

•   Very thin, hard, clear coating.

•   Provides safer and cleaner indoor and outdoor  environments for everyone.

A clear, thin coating that performs many functions.....

ACTivate Nano-Composite/Photo-Catalyst Technology

ACTivate Atomic Structure 

In daily life, most contaminants or pathogens are organic matter. Nano-Composite Photo-catalyst decompose organic matter into harmless water and Carbon dioxide achieving everyone’s goal of decontamination and sterilization of our environments. Photo-Catalyst Redox Reactions are also effective for odor decomposition and achieve clean room air.

Japan has widely used photo-catalyst materials in medical institutions, home environments, outdoor environments and  a variety of products. It has become the latest movement towards environmental decontamination, deodorization and sterilization.


Applications ACTivate can be used for....

ACTivate Coated Building 

  • Buildings
    • Interior and Exterior
  • Automotive
    • Interior and Exterior
  • Outdoor Displays
    • Advertising, Information
  • Outdoor Lighting
    • Street Lighting, Commercial
  • Air Quality
    • Air Conditioning, Ducting, Environment
  • Water Quality
    • Supply Purification, Bottled Water
  • Boating, Shipping
    • Recreational, Ocean Vessel
  • Hospitals, Clinics, Labs
    • Rooms, Surgery, Hoods
  • Medical Equipment
    • Masks, Instruments, Test Equipment
  • Dental
    • Rooms, Instruments, Equipment
  • Food and Beverage
    • Packaging, Containers, Storage
  • Home Interiors
    • Rooms, Food Preparation Areas, Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs
  • Hotels, Motels, Cruise Ships
    • Rooms, Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs
  • Water Quality
    • Supply Purification, Bottled Water
  • Textiles
    • Hospital Wear, Clothing, Shoes

Materials ACTivate can be applied to....

ACTivate Interior Glass Coating                  ACTivate Glass Curtain Coating Interior Glass                                     Glass Curtain

ACTivate Tile Coating                  ACTivate Metal Coatings   Tiles                                                 Metals

ACTivate Stone Coatings                  ACTivate Plastic Coatings
Stone                                               Plastics

ACTivate Wood Coatings               ACTivate Ceiling Tile Coating   Wood                                            Ceiling Tile


ACTivate can be applied to a wide range of materials.....


ACTivate Anti-Corrosion, Anti Stain Testing....

Acid Soak Test

Corroded Stainless Steel                ACTivate Coated Stainless Steel No coating SS; corroded                   ACTivate SS; no corrosion

Samples of ACTivate coated and non-coated Stainless Steel materials were soaked in a solution of 25% H2SO4 Acid solution for 18 hours.

Appearance can be significantly improved and maintanence can be reduced in hostile, corrosive environments.  


ACTivate Self Cleaning Test Examples....

Outdoor Tile Wall Self Cleaning Test

ACTivate Self Cleaning

Tiles coated with the new ACTivate composite materials maintain bright glossy look after six months outdoor exposure.

After applied, Methylene Blue coating (Inside red circle) is decomposed by the underlying ACTivate coating.    Methylene Blue is a common reference test method for determining the capability of decomposing a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminations.

Cleanliness of outdoor materials can be significantly improved and maintenance costs reduced over the life of structures.


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