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Serious Environmental Improvement

ACTivate removes TOVC's (Environmental Volatiles), NOx's (Various forms of Nitrogen Oxides), Ozone, and the range of other Organic Compounds found in our air...continuously.

ACTivate Self Cleaning capability reduces cleaning costs, Chemical Solvent use and Energy Consumption to maintain outdoor building surfaces.    

ACTivate eliminates Mold, Mildew and other growths saving removal costs, solvent use and energy consumption.

ACTivate reduces corrosion and stains of metals saving replacement costs.

ACTivate blocks UV which reduces damage to outdoor plastics, wood and other materials extending their life and saving replacement requirements.

How Much Environment Improvement Can We Expect...?

An Outdoor area of 2,000 sq. ft. of building surface coated with ACTivate is equal to about 25 trees in improving the local environment.   So, large areas of coated surfaces can very significantly improve the environment, especially, in enclosed areas such as courtyards, city scapes and alley ways.



  ACTivate Interior LEEDs Program  

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx; NO, NO2, NO3) Pollutants

  • NOx   Irritates people's eyes, nose, throat and lungs, increasing the incidence of infection, bronchitis and pneumonia, influenza lung carcinogenesis and other diseases.

  • NOx   Causes haze (PM2.5) produced in cities, affecting air quality in our urban environments and endangering people's health.

  • NOx   Destroys and inhibits the growth of trees and plants.

  • NOx   Formation of tiny droplets of nitric acid to produces acid rain, endangering land, trees and crops.

Building Interior Environmental Improvement

An Indoor area of similar size can improve the air quality by removing typical TOVC's found.    This can reduce the TOV measurements below the required 500 micro-grams per cubic meter standard that the LEEDs program has established.   (Depends on amount of surface area ACTivate is applied to and the amount of sources of TOV's released in the facility.)   Most surfaces can be coated with ACTivate including walls ceilings and floors.

There is also the potential to use this technology to clean air in the air conditioning systems of buildings and homes.   This, however, requires some lighting in the AC systems to activate the coatings. Such coatings could be used in air ducting, filters and vents to improve air quality.


ACTivate Nano-Composite Coatings:

  • Decomposes Nitrogen Oxides (NOx).
  • Self Cleans building Exteriors.
  • Prevents long term Staining of surfaces.
  • Prevents Mold and Mildew accumulation.
  • Purifies Polluted air in surrounding area.
  • Provides Cleaner a forested park.

ACTivate Nano-Composite Applied to Green Buildings:

  • Maintains Beautiful building surfaces.
  • Environmentally Cleaner Air to breathe
  • Healthier Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral Functions
  • Prevents Corrosion of Metal Surfaces
  • Reduces Building Maintenance
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