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How Nano-Composite/Photo-Catalyst Work

Organic substances (hydrocarbons) come into contact with the surface of the photo-catalyst material. When the hydroxyl radicals of the catalyst and hydrogen are combined. Free Radicals result. Free Radicals take away electrons from organic matter. This results in the loss of electronic bonding capacity (valence) and degradation of hydrocarbons into smaller molecules such as carbon dioxide and water. This series of reactions are known as "redox reactions" academically.

In daily life, most contaminants or pathogens are organic matter. Photo-catalyst can decompose organic matter into harmless water and Carbon dioxide achieving everyone’s goal of decontamination and sterilization of our environments. Photo-Catalyst Redox Reactions are also effective for odor decomposition and achieve clean room air.

Super-Hydrophilic Surface Effects

The picture above shows the wetting of a drop of water on the nano-composite surface.

With light source radiation, ACTivate Nano-Composite material surfaces become super-hydrophilic with contact angles of less than 5 degrees.    A water droplet will form a very small angle from the active surface.   This results in water spreading across the surface or easily running off the surface with gravity.

This is opposite to Hydrophobic surfaces which form very large angles with the surface.   Water, therefore, beads on the surface.

The result is a rinsing effect that removes all foreign materials from the surface maintaining a clean material.



  ACTivate Self Cleaning Coating  

Eliminate Nitrogen Oxide Pollutants                   (NOx = NO, NO2, NO3) indoors and outdoors

Nano-composite coated surfaces chemically react with the local air environment to break down polluted air, smog and other air contaminants.   NOX materials shown below are continuously removed from the local air 24/7.

For indoor environments, added contaminants such as odors and material outgassing are continuously removed providing healthier breathing for inside facilities.  Harmful gases, such as TVOC's, Formaldehyde, mold, mildew and other indoor polutants are removed. 

  • NOx   Irritates people's eyes, nose, throat and lungs, increasing the incidence of infection, bronchitis and pneumonia, influenza lung carcinogenesis and other diseases.

  • NOx   Causes haze (PM2.5) produced in cities, affecting air quality in our urban environments and endangering people's health.

  • NOx   Destroys and inhibits the growth of trees and plants.

  • NOx   Formation of tiny droplets of nitric acid to produces acid rain, endangering land, trees and crops.

Self Cleaning Surface Effects

Moisture or rain from the air together with visible light activate the Nano-Composite coating.   This combination penetrates organic contaminates and effectively strips them from surfaces.   This chemical effect operates contnuously as long as there is humidity and light available.   Dry conditions or shaded areas may lessen the reaction capabilities to some extent, but are still effective.. 

The super-hydrophilic effects reviewed above also assist in the penetration of contaminants to more effectively react with the hydrocarbons and break down their bonds to the surface.

This reaction also interacts with hydrocarbons in the air to break them down into simple hydrocarbons effectively cleaning the air.

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