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LED Downlights
8" LED downlight
6" LED downlight
5" LED downlight
4" LED downlight
3" LED downlight
LED Spot/Flood Lights
PAR38 Flood
LP 12 Spot
LP 5 Spot
LED Downlights Decor Style  
6" Ceiling Light
6" Wall Light
6" Drop Light
2" LED swivel lights
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Planetech International

Planetech International is dedicated to providing New Technology Materials and Services which are of the highest quality and reliability from China's newly evolving high technology industries.  Planetech is providing LED Products from world premier LED Lighting high technology production facilities in China.  



LED Lighting Test Facility    

All LED lights provided are evaluated and tested using state of the art equipment to verify performance, efficiency, light distribution, quality, and lifetime capabilities. 



Our goal is to provide full support behind these products to help the industry evolve this exciting new technology. We will supply a full line LED Products, Support and Services to America's hemisphere.


Qualtty Products

Planetech LED products are tested using the industry standard of LM79 procedures and further testing to qualify its products



Planetech provides 3 year warranty support within the U.S. to support customers in the Americas.

Home Products Why LED Lighting Installations Technology About Us Contact Us  

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