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 NEW   Front Light Guide Plates for Reflective Displays


Front Light Guides are used with products from Watches to PDA's, E-readers, Phones and up to Outdoor Displays.  They offer much lower power consumption than traditional backlighting of LCDs requires.    Front light guides are plastic sheets that distribute the light from an array of LEDs to the whole viewing surface of a display from the front.   Traditional Back lighting of typical LCD displays is only 20% efficient or less.    But, Front lighting a display with our technology is typically more than 80% efficient.     So, there can be a dramatic savings in battery life of handhelds with displays using Front Light Guides.


New Nano-Imprinting Technology creates unique Light Guide Plates for reflective displays used in  Portable Electronics


          E-Reader                Front Light Guide used on map                                   

E-Reader using Front Light Guide Plate.                      Example of Front Light Guide Plate used to light a standard map in dark environment.  



  • Uniformity better than 85%
  • Transmission better than 85%  
  • Brighter with Fewer LEDs  
  • Ultra-Thin Profiles       
  • Lower Cost  
  • Flexible (within limits of selectied materials.)


  • Uniformity improved by unique ability to vary Micro-lens density (Fill-Factor) over the surface.
  • Micro-lens technology provides brighter transfer of light to the viewer.
  • Use of Light Guide Plate compared to Injection Molded Plates reduces profile.
  • Roll to Roll manufacturing offers lower cost alternative to molded plastic light guides.
  • Applications include PDA’s, Tablets, Notebooks, GPS’s, Cameras, Custom Displays.
  • Customized sizes, requirements and specifications are accommodated within capabilities.
    Light Guide Plates  

Front Light Guide Plates: How they work

  Front Light Guide Graphic

Light travels from the LED array on the left into the Front Light Guide Plate (FLGP) in blue. Internal reflection optical characteristics keep the light within the LGF. Only the local Micro-Lenses re-direct the light down to the LCD, E-ink or other type reflective display.   Light, then is reflected by the LCD out towards the viewer. The density or fill factor of the Micro-Lenses can control the amount of light which is redirected. This allows the FLGP to provide uniform lighting across the display area. Also, it allows the use of fewer LEDs to provide uniform lighting to reflective displays saving power and cost.


Front Light Guide Plate Specifications

View Area Size <2.8” 2.8”- 5” 5” – 7” 7” – 14” 14” – 41”
LPG Thickness 0.25 mm 0.4 mm 0.5 mm 0.8 mm 3.0 mm
LED Recommended Height 0.3 mmT 0.3-0.4 mmT 0.4-0.6 mmT 0.6 mmT 1.0-3.0 mmT
Luminance Uniformity (%) > 85% typ > 85% typ > 85% typ > 85% typ > 85% typ
Materials     Polycarbonate, PET, TPU, etc.  
    See MicroLens Technology  
  See Mastering and Manufacturing Processes  
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