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 Light Guide Plates for LCD LED Backlighting


New Nano-Imprinted Thin Films Technology creates unique Light Guide Plates for Backlight Assemblies used in  Portable Electronics.  Below are examples of backlights customers have made using Nicrotek Light Guide Plates.



9.7"  LCD Backlight Assembly         8.4"     LCD Backlight 7.0"        


   8.4"  LCD Backlight 8.4"        7.0"     LCD Backlight Assembly 7.0"

Uniformity better than 85%         

Brighter w Fewer LEDs         

Ultra-Thin Profiles         

Lower Cost         

  • Uniformity improved by unique ability to vary Micro-lens density (Fill-Factor) over the surface.
  • Micro-lens technology provides brighter transfer of light to the viewer.
  • Use of Light Guide Film compared to Injection Molded Plates reduces profile.
  • Roll to Roll manufacturing offers lower cost alternative to molded plastic light guides.
  • Applications include PDA’s, Tablets, Notebooks, GPS’s, Cameras, Custom Displays.
  • Customized sizes, requirements and specifications are accommodated within capabilities.
Light Guide Plates

Typical Backlight Film Stack

Front Protective Film
Vertical Prism Film
Horizontal Prism Film
  Diffuser Film
Light Guide Plate / LED array
Back Reflector Film

Light Guide Films: How they work.

  Light Guide Film Structure  

The Nicrotek Light Guide Films (LGFs) are designed for effective use of LED edge light sources.   Light from the LED sources is internally reflected down the length of LGF to the various viewing areas.  The Localized Micro-Lens Arrays  redirect light out of the film to the viewer only where it is needed (to each logo, image, key or button) by layout design.   This new technology patterning allows light to be efficiently and uniformly directed where light is desired in a very low profile film. 


LCD LED Backlight:  Light Guide Plate Specifications

View Area Size

            < 2.8”

2.8”- 5” 5” – 7” 7” – 14”
LPG Thickness 0.25 mm 0.4 mm 0.5 mm 0.7 mm
LED Height (typical) 0.3 mm 0.3-0.4 mm 0.4-0.6 mm 0.6 mm
Luminance (cd/m2)  (typical) 5,000 min
6,500 typ
5,000 min
6,500 typ
5,000 min
6,500 typ
5,000 min
6,500 typ
Luminance Uniformity (%) (Typ.) 75% min 85% typ 75% min 85% typ 75% min 85% typ 75% min 85% typ
Chromaticity    (Typical)     X = 0.296  +/-0.015   Y = 0.305  +/- 0.15
Materials     Polycarbonate, PET, TPU, etc.

  See MicroLens Technology
  See Mastering and Manufacturing Processes
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