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Create Active Design Effects for your Packaging and Printing Products  


Active design effects are created with this new technology using high resolution, large format diffraction patterning for paper, film, transfer film, transfer paper and hot stamp materials.  These effects dramatically improve the quality, eye catching differentiation, and security for package and printed materials.

  Carton Example  

Example of Hologram effects background material with registration and security elements integrated for cigarette carton package

Printing of final package results in irridescent, pearl effects with integrated security elements.


Image effect options which can be applied to your package and printing materials     

  • Hollographic

  • Kinetic

  • Translucent "Glow"

  • 3D, 3D/2D

  • Soft Elegant

  • Anti-Counterfeit

These effects can be integrated into designs in any way that standard digital design software allows.

  SVG Optronics uniquely offers these capabilities in large format and seamlessly to make complete package or printing effects possible with very high quality.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination......
  Holographic or Kinetic Options  

                      Kinetic style
SVG Samples

Available with standard patterns or with completely customized graphics with any combination of effects digitally integrated together.

Seamless optical effect papers are available as two types: Silvering (Left above) and Holographic type (Left below).  The Silvering type is similar to holographic effects, but without rainbow coloring.  These papers are also available in gold, red, green, blue and custom background colors.  All are available with a variety of standard designs and custom designs to customer specifications.  Registration is available for alignment to your printing. Full service packaging and printing is also available for volume quantities.

The same effects are available in paper, film, transfer film, transfer paper and hot stamp materials.  These materials are available to customer specifications and the effects do not significantly alter the physical properties of the underlying materials.


                 Holographic Style

  Anti-Counterfeit; Brand Protection  

High resolution anti-counterfeit images can be integrated seamlessly into package/printing designs.   All types of security images can be generated including high resolution (10,000 dpi)holographic, high resolution kinetic, 3D, 3D/2D, hypertext, and machine readable as examples.

Security Image EE  



Eco-Friendly Technology    

SVG Optrinics uses the very thinest films to create its optical effects.   Papers and films are available to customer specifications.  Transfer Films and Transfer Papers are available for further cost reduction and improved materials ecology.  All effects are digitally integrated to eliminate additional printing operations such as hot stamping, security labels, etc. 

Green Tech 2Green Tech 1
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