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Planetech International is dedicated to providing New Technology Materials and Services which are of the highest quality and reliability from China's newly evolving high technology industries.  Planetech is providing Printing, Packaging, Security and other related materials and services from the worlds premier Nano-Technology Production facility in China. Our goal is to provide full support behind these products to help the industry evolve this exciting new technology. We supply a full line of Printing, Packaging, Security and other NanoTechnology Materials and Services to America's hemisphere.

SVG Optronics
SVG Optronics Facility  

SVG Optronics Manufacturing & Development Facilities

                     SVG Optics,  Suzhou Industrial Park (Near Shanghai), China



A world leader in design, development and manufacturing of advanced laser based maskless interference lithography systems for production of micro-nano-optical fabrication, as well as laser direct imaging for photomasks and "Roll to Roll" imprinting systems.



SVG Optronics is the leading manufacturer of the customized "in register" hologram transferring films, large-scale metallizing micro-optical transferring papers for both the packaging and security printing industries, has become one of the most active and innovation companies in china.





Advanced Printing and Packaging, Optical Security, Micro and Nano Technology , Displays and many other related fields.



SVG Optronics is a famous company within China in laser patterning generating equipment featuring sub-micron resolution and roll-to-roll nanoimprinting.  SVG Optronics has also developed UV laser inteference lithography systems for micro-nano scale patterning related industries in china and abroad.



SVG Optronics has been dedicated to developing cutting-edge micro-nano optics fabrication technologies in replicated large format optical films.  With this industry-leading technology, we offer a whole series of superior featured micro-optical films for the flat plate display(FPD) industries, based on surface-relief-micro-structures, such as light guide films (LGF's) for BLU, LGF keypads for mobile phones and keyboards of notebooks; microlens array films(MLA) for 3D displays and OLED, light shaped duffuser(LSD) for lighting of LEDs. Our patented roller-to-roller large fromat manufacturing processes result in micro-optical components that are reflow compatible, low-cost and ideally suited for both high-volume and specialized applications.

    SVG Optronics Facility 2  
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