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Packaging that stands out from "all" of the competition.

Gravure Seamless Printing (Roller to Roller)

 Optical Kinetic & Holographic films  

                   Unique...Completely Seamless Formating including hot stamps and security elements.  

Seamless optical holographic and kinetic films for the gravure printing (roller to roller) industries to eliminate the gap between patterned embossing and standard printing processes. Kinetic Image               

Seamless optical transferring films have been categoried as two types: Silvering type ( Left ) and Holographic type ( Below ). The Silvering transferring film has the feature of kinetic effects without the rainbow effects of holographic films.

With these cutting edge technologies, SVG Optronics has established mass production capability to manufacture the seamless optical films and papers with both standard patterns and custom designs for Gravure Printing. The seamless optical transferring films are suitable for Gravure printing to realize on-line conversion and printing greatly reduces the cost of printing high volume brand-name product packaging and security.

Holographic Image

 SVG Optronics has established mass production lines of transferring films in China to satisfy the rapid demands of the gravure printing and packaging industries all over the world. Customized designs are also available on demand.   Seamless Holographic and Silvering Transferring Papers have been applied to Brand-name products in China in mass-production.


SVG Optronics offers a complete range of services and training programs for the customers who plan to apply the seamless optical transferrring films in their roller to roller printing processes.








      Types of Images:

2D/3D, 3D, True Color, Rainbow, Holographic, Kinetic Silvering effects, Holographic, Rainbow, Translucent, Grayscale, High precision patterns, Microtext, Encription, Security.



158-1270 dpi



0.3mm ( .012" )




      Film type:

Seamless optical transferring films: Holographic and Silvering.


      Format of film:

Roller: 0.8m x 6000m or customized 1-2 connections


      Thickness of PET:

15um – 18um


      Paper type

Seamless optical transferring papers: Holographic and Silvering


      Paper Weight:

70g - 350g



Satisfies environment protection standard for VOC





15C - 50C





      Storage temp.:

10C - 40C


      Storage Humidity:



Manufacturing Facilties

Typical Transfer Rolls


  Capacity: 500,000 meters of film/day 

Roll Diameter (Wgt.): 1400mm  ( 4' 8" )


Roll Weight:    230g ( 105lb)

  Roll Machine Paper Rolls  

ISO9001-2000 procedures are implemented for all products and services.

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