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A wide range of packaging and security products with full service capability from conception to design to production.


Customized Holographic & Kinetic Films & Papers


Complete production lines in China for customized optical and holographic films with special patented technology. The  capacity of manufacturing is more than 50 million feet per month. All optical films are manufactured using ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Control methods.


The advanced manufacturing & testing facilities allow for fast and effective R&D, and provide customers not only  cost-effective products, but, also complete security solutions.




Cigarette Carton: Left: Initial Holographic Paper    Right: Completed with Printing

  Note:  Holographic patterns are exactly registered with printing patterns.

Note: These products do not significantly show their capabilities on a website.   You must see samples to appreciate the amazing visual effects and potentials these products offer for a variety of uses.   The quality of the imaging also is not visible and you must see samples to appreciate.


                                        Samples of special customized Holographic printing


Customized Transferring Holographic film materials (Alternative to papers.)


Upper right hologram image is integrated and registerred.


 Production Work Flow:

  • Initial Customer Comunications to review requirements.
  • Customer provides the design and requirements of printing. (Sending files or detail requirements.)
  • We design the patterns with the support of our special technology solutions.
  • We submit design for customer approval.
  • Designs are modified as required to meet customer requirements.
  • Samples are provided for customer approval.
  • Final Production Pricing is submitted for approval.
  • Production of product commences.

Design Technology flow:

  • Initial design is completed.
  • Selection of which technologies to apply.
  • Mastering according to the design.
  • Evolve the technique solution and optical effects.
  • Modifying the design and technologies.
  • Final Re-mastering. 



Product name:




Highly specialised holographic transferring films  for applications to laminating films for conversion to papers.


RHP satisfies the industrial standard of environment protection for printing.


The film contains the register holograms with 158dpi-1270 dpi resolution.


Holographic transferring films has the precision accuracy of 0.3mm for hologram papers and 15-18um for PET films.



Printing and packaging industries.


Product notes:

A wide range of both transfer and laminating films with special heat, alkali and solvent resistant properties are available for different applications. In many cases, the film provides a direct subsitute for conventional metallised materials





800mm x 6000m (31.5" x ~20,000'



PET, transferring



500,000 meter films/day



positioning precision:0.3mm



environment friendly


Film Thickness




800mm x 610mm



158 – 1270dpi


 Types of image

2D/3D, 3D, true color, silvering, kinetic effects


Design area

800mmx 610mm


Design Software requirements


File type

*.cdr,*.ai, *.dxf, *.pds



AutoCAD, CorelDraw




  Typical holographic & kinetic rolls


Equipment used for manufacturing holographic and Kinetic materials

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