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Packaging that stands out from "all" of the competition.

      Printing/Packaging Customer Service:

  1. For complete development of products with holographic imaging, send us your requests by email, and explain in detail what products or samples are of interest?

  2. Or, send us an email of your actual graphical designs and patterns, explain what your Holographic Imaging requirements for your products are, and what type of product packaging is required.    SVG can arange for sampling for you according to your requirements in one to four weeks depending on your needs.   Examples of requirements are size of items, features for security packaging, types of papers, security features required in the pattern, etc.   See further explanation below.

  3. Special High Technology Services:

  4. Fabrication of Micro-optical devices, Presicion Masks,  LGF's (Large Graphical Formats) or Plates in one to four weeks depending on your needs.

  5. Fabrication of Micro-mold Fabrication based on LIGA Technology

  6. SVG has the advanced capability to provided both research and design to transfer your ideas into real products for your marketing.


    Examples:     Following are photos of the Holographic Paper before printing and after printing.

  • Example 1:   There are several patterns on this large format holographic packaging.   The holographic patterns are exactly aligned with the ink patterns when printing.    All papers are marked with photomarks for exact alignment. 

  • Example 2:    Different optical effects are integrated into the same paper, after printing with different

     Development Procedures; Imaging papers

            Our procedures for developing Holographic Imaging papers from design to final products.

    Examples of LGF, CD patterns of Mobile Decorative patterns for CD, Micro-devices of customized designs

    Development Procedures 

    Our procedures for developing Holographic LGF's, Mobile decorative patterns on CDs, micro-devices of customized design, etc. from design to production.

    Examples of optical security solutions available 

    • Two-Channel Variable-Color film( i.e. color shifting).
    • 3D true color images with Imbeded Encryption.
    • OVP,OVI,OVF.
    • Large Format OVD's integrated with small area security features.
    • Micro-lens 3D strips for monetary security solutions.
    • Micro-optical pattern features for security applications.




    Home Products Applications Technology About Us Ordering Contact Us  

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