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 Superfoil Special Hot-stamping Foils


All of the effects available in our paper and film products are also available in Hot Stamping Foils.

   Include Holographic, Kinetic, 3D, 2D/3D and anti-counterfeiting effects in your custom designed Hot-Stamping Foils.  

Planetech provides a variety of special effect packaging and printing materials with more security in standard or your customized designs. Our Superfoil hot stamping foils have been used to stamp special patterns on PVC cards, Papers, Leather and other materials for special decoration effects and anti-counterfeit purposes.




High performance holographic hot stamping foils. A wide range of different formulations are available for specific substrates, including PVC, Coated Papers, Textured Security (banknote) Papers, Thermo-sensitive papers, Laser Printed Papers, Packaging Films, Cardboard and Textiles. We also offer specialized foils for high volume applications.

Hot Stamping Foils  

Security Applications


Packaging, Printing, Banknotes, Checks, Tickets, Vouchers, Fiscal and Postal stamps, Share Certificates, Payment Cards, ID Documents, Product Labels.

Foil Example   

The special design of holographic hot stamping foil is very necessary to anti-counterfeit packaging uses of products. The special features of this integrated packaging of products are that the artwork and anti-counterfeit of the products are combined together.


Foil Specifications:



40mm (1.5") to 650mm (25.6") rolls


Standard Roll

120 m (395') X 0.64 m (25.2")



16-18 micron



Hot stamping to papers, plastics



General or to customer's design with logo



Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green.




Our foils have all been developed in conjunction with the major manufacturers of foil blocking and registration systems and are produced in-house using our proprietary coating technology. In addition to the standard materials, our foils can be individually formulated to meet specific requirements in terms of substrate, method of application and conditions of use.

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