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       Micro-Nano Optics Projects

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Micro-Nano Optics Projects

Center for Digital Optical Imaging and Displaying  (CDOID) at SVG Optronics is mainly involved in the micro-nano optics fabrication, large format LIGA,  the precision patterning molds to carry out technical and integrated innovation in key technologies, equipment and materials.

We are concerned about the demands of the industry and explore pilot-projects for the industrialization of the results to provide technical support.


 Main Research Projects

The main reserach topics at present  are optical films, microlens array(MLA) for flat panel display,  LED and solar cell outcouping efficiency, and advanced manufacturing technology and ultra-high-resolution pattern lithography systems.The dimensions of the masters and  molds can reach to 40-inch and the feature sizes of micro-structure can range from 100nm to 200um in our process.

Precision Laser Pattern Generator Systems

  • Laser interference lithography systems for micro-nano structures
  • Micro-head Nano-Imprinting systems
  • UV laser direct writing and ablation systems

Micro-Nano Optics Fabrication

  • Micro-optics,such as light guide films, microlens array, bio-chips,beam-shaping

3D holographic mastering and industrial applications

  • 3D hologram packaging materials
  • seamless embossing optical transferring films
  • high security solutions and products  

Large aperture diffraction gratings

  • Pulse Compressed Gratings for femto-second laser's pulse compressing

R&D facilities

Projects for new product development

With a dedicated team of the micro-optics industry's finest professionals, the projects have been implemented for novel technogies and new product development which are supported by hi-tech research and development programs in China.

  • Five-parameter laser pattern generation system for high resolution devices (National Science Funding): micro-patterns such as honeycomb cell, cross, gratings and prisms.

  • Large Scale Pulse Compressed Gratings(PCG's) :100mmx100mm,diffraction efficiency 95%,energy damage threshold3.0J/CM2. and Beam Splitter Gratings(BSG's): 200mmx400mm, diffraction efficiency <0.1%. 

  • UV Embossing technology: web-width:1100mm,roller-to-roller embossing mode.

  • Light guide films for LED back light of Flat Plate Display Devices:75-200um films with micro-structures

  • Micro-head Nano-Imprinting systems for micro-lens array and micro-components: feature line: 50nm - 500um,depth: 50nm-100um.

  • Micro-lens array and applications(Suzhou Scicence Funding): 10-500um in diameters the focal length can be made on demand

  • Seemless holographic packaging films and papers(Jiangsu Achievement Application Projects): for roller-to-roller mass-printing

  • Photonics and optical security(National Security Ministry Project): nano-optics structures for variable color films and micro-lens array films.

  • 3D lithography(Jiangsu Achievement Application Projects):digital 3D imaging methods and systems.



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