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SVG Optronics Award Winning Technology


SVG Optronics products are a result of the development of special Nano-Micro Printing technology which has been brought to full production capability in China.    This development allows new products to be designed and produced worldwide which were not possible without this technology.    Dr Chen LinSen continues to further develop the technologies and is interested in working with customers in colaboration to develop new capabilities in Micro-Nano Printing, Micro-Nano Optics and other related technologies.


Prof. Linsen Chen earned The Chinese National Science and Technology Award for his invention of Digital Holographic Mastering technologies and applications.

  • Seamless optical films, including seamless holographic film and silvering holographic film, have been mass-produced since Aug.10,2008. The silvering seamless transferring film is the newest kind of packaging material for industry.
  • The Chinese stamps commemorating the Openning Ceremony of  XXIX Olympics Games in Bejing, 2008 were made with our Holographic Paper posted from Oct.24, 2008.
  • The technology process for designing and fabricating the Micro-Lens Array(MLA) films was established in May, 2009. MLA films are important films for enhancing the efficiency of LED and OLED devices.   It is also applied as the BEF for BLU, 3D display.
  • The technology for fabricating Fresnel lens films that are only 100um thick was developed in June,.2009 for the concentration of light of solar cells. This solar concentrator technology makes solar systems more cost-effective.

Prof. Linsen Chen has received many awards by the Chinese government as well as National and Regional Organizations due to his  innovations in Micro-Nano Optics Fabrication fields and contributions to the related industries. The honors are listed as follows:

  1. The State Science and Technology Advancement Award, Second Class, Chinese government
  2.  Outstanding Achievement Award for National Returned Overseas Scholars
  3.  The national second session  National Invention & Entrepreneurship Award.
  4. Science and Technology Advancement Award by Jiangsu Province, Fist Class(twice)
  5.  Science and Technology Advancement Award by the Ministry of Education, Second Class
  6.  The Findings of Independent Innovation Award by National Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese
  7.  Jiangsu Province Innovation Precursor in Talent Cultivation Project
  8. The Ministry of Education Project for Cross-century Talents
  9.  The Second Award for Suzhou OutstandingTalents
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