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Nanotechnology provides new solutions to the printing, packaging, product security and identity security industries

  Micro-Nano Products Showroom    

Planetech is providing U.S. local support for these amazing new technologies from China.   These exclusive technologies were developed in China by Prof. Chen Linsen, who has won several awards for his new technology advances and research in Nano-Micro Printing within China.   Although, others have developed similar technologies, Prof. Linsen Chen has been successful in taking these technologies to full production.  This makes these technologies practical for a wide range of commercial product applications.


SVG Optronics Printing and Packaging Products

  • Printing and Packaging Films and Papers

    • with Integrated Holographic or Kinetic imaging

    • with 3D effects

    • with Integrated Security elements

    • with Integrated hot stamping foils

    • with Integrated Brand Name Security

  • Available Size Formats

    • Sheets up to 600mm x 800mm (23.6" x 31.5") Format

    • Gravure Rolls up to 800mm x 6,000m (31.5" x 19,685')

    • Aluminum coated (only 20 nanometers) paper or film 

  • Hot Stamp films

    • with integrated Holographic imagingComplex Light guide films

    • Micro-Optics devices

    • Micro-Opitcal films


Note: These products do not significantly show their capabilities on a website.   You must see samples to appreciate the amazing visual effects and potentials these products offer for a variety of uses.   The quality of the imaging also is not visible which distinguishs it from competitors.  You must see samples to appreciate the full range of potential for this technology.


ISO9001-2000 procedures are implemented for all products and services.

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