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  Packaging that stands out from "all" of the competition.  

 Product Package Security Image Printing with registered patterns     (see note below)


SVG Optronics provides a variety of security products with development from conception to manufacturing by advanced technology staff.

  • Registered Hologram Packaging MaterialsSecurity Images
  • ActiveMatrix Optical Security(AMOS) Films
  • Zero-Order Cover for ID-Cards and Passports. 
  • Dual Image (Flip-Flop) Reflective Films
  • Extra high resolution Hot-Stamping foils with special design to customer's specifications;  OMID with high optical storage of up to 16,000 characters per square centimeter; 
  • DOVID patterns with micro-text of sizes of 25 -60 microns
  • kinetic binary hidden image encryption and machine-readable. Security Pattern


  Holographic Printing Design Demo 1  

           Holographic image before printing                                      Holographic effect after printing


Note: It is not possible to show the full hollographic effects on a web site. But, the very high resolution effects are created on a paper or film surfaces using Nanotechnology imaging.   Final printing over the imaging creates a very high quality printed product with the desired 3D, Holographic, kinetic and security effects.


We have our own research and development center in the field of digital micro-nanno structrure masters for anti-counterfeit packaging.

All kinds of the micro-structure masters can be developed with our powerful mastering and micro-head nano-imprinting systems. These masters are fabricated for both narrow web machine and wide-web machine use to produce embossed holograms and packaging materials. We are one of the  best security solution providers in china due to our technologies applied nationally from the ID card, drive license card and Olympic openning cerenony poststamp to brand name products.

Security Samples  

Examples of Customers

  • China ID Card, Driver license ID;
  • Sydney Olympic games(2000),Beijing Olympic games(2008);
  • Brand-name: Maotai(Top 1 in wine industry in china), Jiannanchun, Yanghe, Yunyan

                    Package Security Sample

  Security Products    

                                Package Security Samples


Nanotechnology imaging:


Nanotechnology imaging is created on paper or film by imprinting an image from a master.   The master is a very high resolution computer designed physical imprinter to create the desired holographic, kinetic or security effects.   Imprinting from this master allows very low cost materials to be produced in high volume with the desired images.     This master imprints the image on an extremely thin coating of aluminum on the surface of various papers or films which are deformed into microscopically designed shapes which create 3D, holographic, kinetic effects and high resolution security effects.  


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