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New Nano-Imprinted Thin Films Technology creates unique LED Light Guide Solutions for the full range of Portable Electronics


Light Guide Next Generation Technology....

    Front Light Guides Our Light Guides use Nano Imprinting Technology to provide a low cost solution to both Front Lighting and Back Lighting solutions.  

are imprinted onto optical grade plastics which are thin, clear and flexible to make up a very efficient solution.  

Micro-Lenses play a very important role in providing very high uniformity and efficiency compared to other Light Guide designs.  In Front Lighting Solutions, the Micro-Lenses offer unsurpassed clarity for see through applications.

Back Light Guides and Front Light Guides explained....

    Back Light Guides are important for a wide variety of applications.  They provide Lighting from the backside for LCDs, Control Panels and High Uniformity Light sources, as examples.   Front Lighting is a new Light Guide technology to provide Uniform Lighting from the front side.   So, a whole surface can be uniformly lit from its front side and, because the Light Guide is clear, you can still see the reflective display or other surface being lit very clearly. .    

Complete Light Guide Assemblies are an option.... 

    Light Guide AssembliesWe have the capability to provide complete solutions to your lighting requirements.   This includes the Light Guide, Reflector, LED array or Light Bar, Cover Glass and Adhesives integrated into a complete assembly ready to install in your application.  Each assembly is designed to meet your specifications.  This assembly can include an LCD, Eink or other type display with appropriate Back Lighting or Front Lighting as required.   Sizes may range from a small Watch size up to large 41" E ink display sizes.

However, we can provide individual components such as Back Light Guides, Front Light Guides, Reflectors, LED arrays or Light Bars, and Diffusers as required as well.

Very Thin and Flexible Solutions....

    Light Guide Plates   Thicknesses  from 0.8 mm to as low as 0.2 mm with the characteristics of Polycarbonate and other optical grade clear  plastics. Flexible Light GUides Flexible Roll Manufacturing    

Custom Design Available....

    Our design team provides support to offer complete custom design to your specific desgn requirements at an affordable cost and fast turnaround.  We provide technical support in designing every element of the design including the Light Guide design, LED assembly design, reflectors and other essentials.  

Ideal Performance in a compact package....

Our Light Guide Films are unique using Semiconductor technology to create the very small (20 to 50 micron dia.) micro-lens arrays that redirect light out of the films only where it is needed.     This makes our Light Guides brighter, more uniform and more efficient than other types of Light Guide Films and  Plates in a very thin profile.   This all improves both quality and performance but, lowers LED quantities and power requirements.  

Choose Your Application Type for More Details....

Back Lights
Front Lights   Front Light Guides
Reflective Displays
Backlight LCD panels with very thin Light Guide Plates providing improved uniformity, brighter displays and lower profilles. See more....   New Frontlight technology allows reflective displays to be lit from the front with a clear view of the display,  Saves much power compared to backlit LCDs. See more...   Uniformly light decorative Images without diffusers providing more uniform light to create stunning effects in single and multiple colors.  See more...   Uniformly light Reflective Displays to offer day and night operations.  Front Lighting Light Guides offer a good solution for high uniformity and brightnes for all sizes of EPD or E ink type displays. See more..
Logos & Images
Control Panels
Backlight keypads with very thin Light Guide Films saving power, reducing LED count and improving uniformity. See more....     Backlight keyboards with thin Light Guide Films saving power and reducing LED count. Achieve unform lighting over large areas. See more....   Uniformly light Logos and Images without diffusers providing more uniform light with fewer LEDs and very low profile. See more....   Use Light Guide Films to backlight Control Panels very uniformly and efficiently with fewer LEDs and better light distribution. See more..
    Efficiently Powered by Light Guide Films and Plates using LED Light sources  

Solutions for Cell Phones, PDA's, Handhelds, GPS's, Cameras, and other portable devices.

    Cell Pone 1   Cell Phone 2 Cell Phone 3 Cell Phone 4 Cell Phone 5 Cell Phone 6  

Solutions for Custom Displays and Panels

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Solutions for LCD Panel LED Backlighting

    LCD LED Light Guide Plates  
  • Sheet and Roll to Roll manufacturing offer a lower cost alternative to molded plastic light guides.
  • High Resolution Micro-Lens Arrays provide brighter and more uniform lighting without visible dot patterns.
  • Micro Lens Array Films offer higher performance and lower cost than other light guide films.
  • Customized Micro Lens Arrays fit each application and LED array interface.

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